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Whether you are a professional sculptor, a retail seller or you sculpt for pure enjoyment; SkulpTools Studio Store is your headquarters for a large variety of innovative hand-crafted sculpting tools created especially for detail sculpting in clay and all types of soft modeling media.

SkulpTools Studio designs and produces a line of high quality well made stainless steel and silicone clay tools for detail sculpting of soft modeling materials and sells direct to the artists and retailers worldwide. Tool makers have overlooked the need for well-made detailing modeling tools long enough. SkulpTools meets those needs and much more with a full line of highly polished deluxe hand-forged sculpting, cutting and finishing tools with ergonomic handles that together are designed to save sculptors time so they can devote their attention to their creativity instead of on controlling their tool.

  The SkulpTools difference is our innovative tool tip shapes and angles combined with their ergonomic handles. These tools provide precise control and ergonomic comfort while sculpting. The product line features deluxe metal sculpting tools from 1/16" to 1/4" [1.6 to 6.35mm] in high quality stainless steel and silicone tools from 1/4" to 1/2" [6.35 to 12.7mm].

At SkulpTools, we believe that, whether you're a novice or an accomplished sculptor, good tools make a good sculptor even better, and that the tool should be adapted to fit your needs and not the other way around! SkulpTools always provides friendly customer service and focuses on quality over quantity.



SkulpTools can also create custom sculpting tools to your specifications!


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Shirley K. Johnson,

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FINALLY! Clay sculpting tools that are actually comfortable to hold and control!

Focus on your artwork instead of your tool!

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"Very comfortable and useful tools. Comfort is key here."

"The nice soft grips drastically reduced my hand fatigue."

"With other tools it takes as much concentration to control the tool as sculpting itself,

but not with these tools!"

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Unlike other more awkward tools with slippery wood or noodle-thin metal handles that are harder to grip and more difficult to control, SkulpTools handles make much more nimble tools that are easier to maneuver with finer control

The cushioned grip fits your hand, allowing you to easily sculpt fine details with less hand fatigue.

They are especially helpful for those who have hand pain or difficulty gripping or holding tools.

SkulpTools tool tips are permanently double-bonded into the sturdy, colorful handles.

Using SkulpTools you'll feel the difference in your sculpting!

SkulpTools hard tip tools are made of high quality hand-forged stainless steel and each one is polished to a smooth-edged high gloss finish so your modeling medium will not stick to the tool.

Though not specifically designed for tooling or carving hard surfaces, they are ideal tools for most any soft, smooth textured modeling medium.

Many of these tools can also be used for sgrafitto and for embossing parchment and other papers.


    Now you can get comfort and complete sculpting control

    All in one deluxe handle!